How to Find a Water Leak in Your HDB Flat (And What You Can Do About It)

Ceiling leaks happen when water starts to drip through the ceiling or floor. This is usually because the waterproof membrane does eventually wear and tear over time, and many older buildings in Singapore are prone to this problem.

Often, these problems happen in areas that handle a lot of water on a regular basis, such as bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen sinks.

So, when you’re suspecting a water leak in your home’s plumbing works that would require the assistance of a 24 hours plumbing service, contact a super fast pipe technician from Singapore and take the following advices:

1. Look for out-of-place water damage

Signs of water stains in your ceilings or water trails on your walls are obvious signs that there is a leak in the pipes in your ceiling. While these are easy to spot, you won’t always see them for what danger they could pose, and can be easily dismissed.

Other signs that aren’t immediately obvious include moisture in the areas near your pipes, as well as rust or signs of wear and tear on the pipes themselves if they happen to be made of metal.

2. Take a close look at your home’s water bill

A sudden increase in your water bill despite the regular use of your water is a serious indication that something is wrong with your water pipes. If left unchecked, you might eventually see signs of water damage and mold growth in your home.

To know this, especially if you don’t seem to see an obvious leak inside your own home, you will need to compare your most recent water bill with the one before.

If you notice a sudden increase compared to your previous bill, it might be time to call a plumbing services to assess the problem.

3. Have it checked by the pros

You won’t always know how accurately how bad the leaks are, so it’s best to call for a plumber services as soon as possible.

Leaks are best fixed by a PUB licensed plumber, since they are the ones that can best diagnose and assess the damage in your home accurately using different techniques and make the repairs needed in order to stop the leak.

How to Handle a Ceiling Water Leak

No homeowners wants to have to deal with a leak for a long time, but when it’s not immediately obvious, it’s easily ignored and could cause a lot of water waste and property damage.

It’s easy to spot any signs that your home is suffering from a ceiling leak, and much easier to respond by switching off your main water supply and calling for an emergency repair as soon as possible.

But if the problem isn’t with your pipes but with your neighbor’s, the first thing you need to do is inform them of this problem.

The best way to handle a suspected water leak from your ceiling is to call a professional plumber in order to assess the suspected damage. If there is indeed a water leak, you will then be given an estimated quote to fix it.

Why a Plumber Service?

When you are just clueless on how to remove choke on kitchen sink, call the help of a licensed plumber in Singapore. You want to make sure that only a certified plumbing contractor will handle your choked sink to ensure it gets fixed properly.

Here are more reasons why you should hire a certified and experienced HDB plumbing contractor for any emergency plumbing issue you may encounter at home:

• Quick, lasting fixes – When you need a reliable plumber to help you fix broken pipes or even assess and fix toilet bowl hairline cracks, you want to make sure that your problem is fixed quickly and the repair lasts a long time

• 24/7 service – Need to hire an emergency plumber to take care of a toilet bowl choke in the middle of the night? Because many plumbers now offer their services any time, you’ll be glad to know that you can call a 24 hours plumber service to help you out

• Affordable service – No need to break the bank for the best plumbing workmen to take care for emergency when many contractors now have cheap plumbers that won’t break your bank