8 Alternatives to Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring

Every woman is unique, and her style and personality should reflect in the proposal ring you bought for her. While a non-traditional ring is more challenging to look for, a well-thought out option can mean a more thoughtful gift and a tearfully blissful fiancé.

Searching for the perfect alternative for a diamond ring is going to be a challenge, but that’s okay because she is worth every effort and we are here to help. Here, we’ll provide you with several options to help narrow down your choices and find a unique ring—or gift—that will be perfect for the one-of-a-kind person in your life.

1. Lab-Made Diamonds

Diamonds grown in laboratories usually cost 15 to 20 percent less than natural diamonds, though discounts could be lower or higher depending on the size and the vendor. While natural-diamond vendors advertise that ‘real’ diamond come from the earth, lab-made diamonds possess the same chemical and physical elements of mined diamonds. The higher price tags on these stones have more to do with the sentimental value and marketing strategy than their intrinsic value.

If you opt for cultured diamonds, not only will you save huge amount of cash, but also cause lesser negative impact on the environment. Replacing an annual production of a diamond mine with lab-made stones would get rid of the toxic effect of 480-million miles’ worth of car emission.

2. Other Gemstones

Here’s a proof that there is little reasoning to the pricing of diamonds: Although tanzanite is much rarer than diamonds—almost a thousand times rarer—tanzanite cost nearly 10 times lesser than diamond.

Other rarer gemstones, including emeralds, sapphires and rubies, are still less expensive than diamonds. If you see in most jewelers here in Singapore, even a well-cut one-carat blue sapphire is more than ten times cheaper than a low-grade natural diamond, yet still makes a beautiful ring for the bride. If you want a colourless stone for a more traditional look, a white sapphire is a more affordable choice, despite being much rarer.

3. Romantic Travel

Investing on experiences is said to generate more happiness than investing on material things. In other words, why not consider purchasing an inexpensive wedding ring, so you can spend most of your savings on a one-year Asian travel? Schedule it right after the wedding and make this an unforgettable pre-wedding vacation for the both of you.
If you think an expensive engagement ring is romantic, how about a luxurious Asian cruise for two?

4. A House

A more practical alternative is to swap a ring for a house. What’s more romantic than securing a good future together by spending your hard-earned money as down payment for a house?

Before commenting negatively, know that the purpose of engagement rings in the ancient times is to serve as ‘tags,’ so men can label women as their property. So, instead of spending a fortune on a, somewhat, sexist symbol, let your engagement be a good start for making smart and practical commitments toward your marital life.

5. Something Old

Family is part of the foundation of your relationship, and if there’s an heirloom piece from any of your families, incorporate that into the marriage bands as an alternative to diamond.

Whatever the piece is, you can have the materials of the jewellery re-used and handcrafted into a new piece for your soon-to-be-bride. This makes sure that the tradition and memories of the family remains; and the engagement ring would be much more special and meaningful not just for the both of you, but for your families as well.

6. Non-Gold Ring

Gold is a traditional choice by bridal couples in Singapore for engagement and wedding rings. It is expensive and will surely give an impression that you spent a good amount of money on it.

However, if you’re buying a 14k to 24k gold ring, you are buying a ring that’s surprisingly soft. Pure gold bends and scratches easily, making it not necessarily the best option for wedding rings. Instead, consider other metals, like platinum and tungsten which are denser and more durable than gold.

7. Claddagh Ring

If you want a ring with real history and cultural value, swap the diamond ring with a Claddagh ring, an Irish betrothal symbol in the 17th century. The ring features two hands holding a heart with a crown on it, symbolizing love, friendship and loyalty.

In tradition, the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart pointing away from the body if the wearer is single and toward the body when the wearer already has a love interest. If already engaged, the ring is worn on the left hand with the heart pointing away and toward the body once the wearer is married.

8. Gem-Less Engagement Ring

If your fiance is a no-frills kind of person, a gemstone may not be necessary to impress her. Check out various jewellery stores in Singapore for a wide variety of ring options that do not have gemstones on them. Whether it’s a simple band or a two-toned ring that’s twisted to form a beautiful shape, each one is unique and possesses a different beauty that’s simply hard to resist.

To make the proposal ring extra special, engrave the inside of the band with your names or a special passage for the both of you.

Diamonds may have always been the first choice for engagement rings, but it isn’t the only gift you can propose with. Explore your options and find the right one that’s as unique as your sweetheart. No matter what you choose, she will appreciate and cherish the thought and effort you have put into it.